Tuesday, 31 January 2012

School is fun!

School is fun! I know what you are thinking right now....you must be thinking:
School is actually kind of important, there are more than 3 types of school ,Primary school is where everyone starts, then Seconary school depends on how good you are, High school, College and then University. Why is school important? In order to get a good job and lots of money, you need to be clever. There are some children, in this world, while you read those words going like...''I wish I went to school...'' Education in UK and other countries is free. Do not spend your whole time playing on your DS, PSP , Club Penguin, GTA, (Why the hell would you want to play this game for adults?) Bin Weevils who won Bafta kids vote, Battlefield 3 for Xbox or PS3 or whatever, Start the party for PS3, AANYTHING! Spend your time studying like I do, do homework, do what you think you should get better at! When you acheive that, have free time, start off without any mechanical device, get used to it, and then play it, go to bed at about 8:30 and it is best for me to wake up at 6:00 in the morning. I'm already knowing how to multiply using column method and I now know all my times tables! Don't be like someone from my class;I go to year 5 by the way, in Primary school. I am very smart, In fact I ALWAYS come top and if you know Quiz Club I beat the record of having 1 question wrong in the practice! Don't be like my friend who spends his whole time playing battlefield3 or something while someone else does his homework! Now he does not know his 2 times tables! This website is for unravelling your curriculum, to help you in every lesson, school is fun as long as you understand and remember, school is just to learn and have fun, so what's wrong with you guys? Enjoy school and I hope you get better using this blog. I would like you to join any extra clubs like I do...
Tuesday-Dance Club
Wednesday-Polish Club
Friday-Free time!
Thanks to Polish club I earned 3rd place in a drawing competition with over 1000000 designs! I didn't have much time but you can check my picture in here:
If It does not work please check in google: Konkurs dla dzieci jestem polakiem.
I'm Weronika Czaja,Age 10,London

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