Saturday, 31 March 2012

How to stay up all night

Staying up all night is a fine art I done a couple of times before. Follow those tips and you will be a duvet diva too!
1. You might want to plan what you will do for the night-reading,revising, games, radio, Youtube?
2. Treat the night as a normal day, but in your room though! Silent....
3.Start off by putting on comfortable pyjamas that suit your room temperature. Thta way you won't get sleepy fast and have a pleasurable experience!
4. Everyone gets hungry from 1-3am in the Morning if they stay up all night. Bring some snacks so you will be able to entertain yourself and enjoy the night,in other words your bonus time even more!
5. The early night is from 10pm-12 midnight. Wait until everyone is asleep and go into your room. sit up on your bed and get the flow into the night. Turn on your laptop/computer and go on youtube and watch all videos you always wanted to watch. Have peace and quiet on your laptop-play games,find out new stuff and do stuff you were dying to do on your laptop! You can also go on Skype, Facebook,IMVU and many more fun things! It's a good idea to start a Story/Diary or something on Wordpad and use Microsoft Powerpoint and friends.
6. Why not whip open your game console? A nintendo DSi Is great because you can do a proper load of stuff and hours of fun are guaranteed. The following games are good to use:
-My dress up is good to use because you can create ugly and pretty faces to your heart's content and sort out your wardrobe. It's good for letting your imagination flow while you create your new outfits. You can create loads of new tops and use your skills in tasks.
-My secret diary is great to use because you can write entries to your heart's content and write all sorts of nonsense. You can also plan your calendar and create new contacts. You can play games and have a lot of fun.
-Sims 2 is great to use because it's action packed and a lot of fun. You can play lots of mini games and go looking out for treasures, or refurnish all the rooms e.t.c...
-Imagine fashion designer is great because it will take you hours of fun to complete your tasks and you can have fun taking photos and reviewing your collection, plus creating a whole new series of fun looks and jewellery and clothes. Good old fun....
-Imagine Fashion Model is great to use because you will get all sorts of tasks and you can create lots of fun, unique looks, plus hours of fun are guranteed doing all the fun tasks.
-Art Academy is great to use because it helps you improve your art and create endless masterpieces. It's great fun and will keep you awake for ages practically.
-Imagine Teacher is fab to use because you get to play loads of fun mini games, create your own classroom and be a teacher and control all the kids it's a great load of fun, will keep you awake.
-Sims 2 Castaway is great because it is full of surprises and you can go out looking for items you really need, play music, make clothes, food and such and trade for stuff. Hours of fun are 100%.
7. If you get really tired splash cold water on your face. If you are really tires and water does not help, go to sleep. Lack of sleep is bad for you.
8. Do stuff you like! Make your own website or update your skype's up to you so enjoy your bonus time!
1.Lack of sleep is really bad for. Do not force yourself to stay up, go to sleep. You'll do it another night.
2. The next day, if you stay up all night, you might get flashes, whenever you blink of your computer screen! When you wake up, splash cold water on your face and place damp cotton pads on your eyes for 5 minutes.
3.If it's a school day it's not a good idea to stay up late. But if you do, do not go to sleep later than 2:00am.
Good Luck,Duvet divas!

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